Collection of Personal Information:

  • Device Information: We automatically collect certain information about your device, including your browser type, IP address, and some of the cookies installed on your device, upon visiting our website.
  • Activity Tracking: We track individual page views, referral sources, and how you interact with the website to understand and improve your user experience.
  • Technologies Used: For collecting data, we utilize technologies such as cookies, log files, and web beacons.
  • Purchase Information: When you make a purchase, we collect necessary order information, which includes your name, address, payment details, and contact information.
  • Definition: For the purposes of this policy, both device information and order information are classified as "personal information."


Use of Personal Information:

  • Order Information: Utilized to fulfill orders, process payments, arrange for shipping, and deliver invoices or order confirmations. Also helps in communicating with customers, screening orders for potential risks or fraud, and providing personalized product or service recommendations and advertisements based on user preferences.
  • Device Information: Employed for improving fraud detection and optimizing the website. This includes generating analytics to enhance customer browsing experiences and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.